Hockey Off Season Training

Interested in how the best pro athletes in the world train for their sports in the off-season? It’s an important part of every athletes training schedule. It allows for rejuvenation and increasing parts of your game better not easily improved during the season. For example athletes may want to build muscle mass or build certain parts of their skill set that are difficult to train for during the season while they are exhausted from playing games.

This is especially true for hockey players because the regular season is very tough on their bodies. So after a few months rest after the season ends, athletes get into off-season training.

What does dry land training incorporate?

Dry land training incorporates heavy weight lifting, plyometrics, and other advanced exercises to improve parts of the athletes game based on the season before, where he or she may have noticed skills lacking in certain aspects of the game.

The best way to find out what skills do you need for dry land training is to watch videos of the previous season and find where improvement could be made. You may also have a coach or mentor observe you during season, and take feedback from them, so that you know what to train for in the coming year.

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