The Best Coaches In The NBA

Everybody knows that people love sports. It can vary from the people, some love one and some other type of sports. When it comes to the people in the US, we are just crazy for basketball. Because of that, NBA (National Basketball Association) is the most popular basketball league in the whole world.

Every year, we’re trying to came up with a different kind of list. This time, we’re trying to decide which are the best coaches in the NBA this season.

To be honest, we think that the best coaches are those which have been great players in their time. We think that they have the best view on the game and that they really know how to understand the players and the game.

They really know how and when to try something new and to came up with something that opponent can’t figure out.

At the beginning of this text, we’ve said that we’re going to make a list, but it’s really hard to do that. There will be so many discussion about it. Some people love one and some other coach, so we can’t make up a list which will be suitable for all. Because of that, we’re going to mention some of the best coaches in the NBA and you can list them as you want.

Greg Popovich

Of course, when you’re just talking about the best coaches in the NBA you can’t begin any discussion without mentioning famous Greg Popovich. The guy is a legend! He’s currently the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs and he’s been in that place since the season of 1996.

Either you’re a fan of Mr. Popovich or you aren’t, numbers are those which are saying that he’s more than successful on his job. He has won NBA league 5 times and he was claimed as NBAs best coach 3 times. Even though he’s 67 years old, he has more time to be even better.

Rick Carlisle

Next in the line is surely Mr. Rick Carlisle. Rick is the head coach of team Dallas Mavericks and it isn’t a surprise that they have really high expectations from this brilliant coach. Maybe the best thing about him is his perfect cooperation with the main star in this time, with Dirk Nowitzki.

Defense is surely what his team is based on. They’re one of the finest in the league in that segment but we must say they are pretty good in the attack as well.

Steve Kerr

Final name we’re going to mention is Steve Kerr which have only one mission this year. His mission is to return Golden State Warriors on the top. Hiring Durant is surely great thing but Steve Kerr will definitely need to push the players more than they did previous year when the Cavaliers have won the tournament.

He definitely has amazing team with Stephen Curry as the first star but will they have the strength to become champions we’ll have to wait and see. Steve Kerr will do everything which is in his power to make it so.