How To Prevent Lower Body Sports Injuries

If you play sports, you’ve probably had to deal with injuries before. Sports injuries are not only painful and uncomfortable but also prevent you from playing your favorite sports. The most common sports injuries are lower body injuries.

This is probably because it’s the part that receives the most impact when you are playing. However, these injuries are very avoidable. Below are 4 ways to prevent lower body sports injuries.

Protective Gear

One of the most important things you need to do to prevent lower body injuries is wearing protective gear. For instance, if you play soccer, it is a great idea to wear knee pads, high-quality soccer shoes and other protective items to lower your risk of injury. After injury, it may also be appropriate to wear braces to prevent re-injury while soft tissue heals. A great list of braces can be found at Best Ankle Brace For Basketball – Top 9 For 2017.

However, the choice of protective gear will solely depend on the type of sport you play. Make sure you get your protective gear from reputable brands in order to ensure you have maximum protection.


It is very important to rest in between your games to lower the risk of getting injured. If you are required to play on a daily basis, make sure you utilize all your breaks to rest to give your body time to relax. This is important because it enables you to be strong enough to get back in the game, and over training can have serious consequences.

However, if it is possible, you ought to take full day breaks from playing games in order to give your body some time to recover. Doing this makes it less likely for you to get injured while playing since you are not over-straining your muscles. Other benefits of resting between games include:

  • Health maintenance
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better brain function

Know When to Stop

An athlete can always tell when they are pushing their limits. This is because you might feel pain or excessively tired than usual. When you experience this, it means it is time to take it easy.

Always listen to your body and know when it is time to stop. Otherwise, you might end up pushing your body too far leading to serious injuries.

Warm Up Exercises

A lot of people increase their chances of getting injured by starting their game without engaging in warm up exercises. Whether you plan on playing the game for a few minutes or a long time, it is very important to always warm up.

Warming up basically supplies all parts of your body with enough oxygen and blood to prepare you for intense training. Therefore, it is a great idea to always warm up before starting your game.